Hi! I’m Elise, I’m a fashion designer from Belgium and I created my upcycling clothing label in Berlin in 2014.
I studied fashion design in Brussels and always loved creating and making clothes but I quickly realised that I didn’t want to support the values carried by the global fashion industry that pushes us towards more and more blind consumerism, devalues the work of garment workers and pollutes our planet.
That’s why in 2014 I decided to unite my love for sewing and creating clothes with the ideas that I’m following as a consumer and started my own sustainable and alternative clothing brand that is based on the concept of upcycling.
Upcycling means giving a new value to by-products, wastes or unwanted materials. It is part of a more circular economy which aims to transform the « take, make, dispose » into « reduce, reuse, recycle ».
By transforming second hand textile items like duvet covers, tablecloths or curtains into beautiful garments I give a new life to textiles that would otherwise have been thrown away.  My work process is spontaneous, I get my inspiration from the encounters with different materials that I mostly source in Berlin, cycling from second hand shops to flea markets around the city to find the most surprising fabrics. 
More than creating pieces of clothing my work purpose is to question the way we understand and consume fashion and bring back the value of the craftsmanship that stands behind each garment.
All the pieces of my collections are produced by me or in collaboration with sewing studios in Berlin and Brussels. I put a lot of love and care in every step of the process, from pattern making to the final product every detail matters. I don't follow trends but aim to create pieces that will last for a lifetime.